Forklift Jibs

Bremco forklift jibs allow your forklift to sling loads for safe vertical lifting of awkward, long or heavy loads with ease and accuracy.

We manufacture a range of quality, Australian designed and made forklift jibs from standard design to heavy duty units for large and dedicated tasks:

  • Economy Jibs – an inexpensive way to convert your forklift into a small crane to lift and transport heavy and awkward items around the workshop or yard.
  • Fixed and Adjustable Swing Jibs – to lift and reach with efficiency and manoeuvre items into confined spaces.
  • Heavy Duty economy and extension jibs – for heavy duty, dedicated lifting.
  • Forklift Towball Attachment – provides a way of using your forklift for light duty lifting of trailers which may otherwise be difficult and awkward to achieve.

We can also custom fabricate a forklift jib to your requirements with our custom metal fabrication service in our Australian factory. We offer a money back guarantee on all our products and can deliver Australia-wide. Contact us today for a free quote or to find out more.

When to Use a Forklift Jib

Forklift jibs are designed to slide and secure easily onto forklift tines, and their purpose is to easily attach to, lift, and transport heavy, awkward and long loads. A forklift jib can be used in factories, warehouses, construction sites and workshops, and can be custom made to suit a particular job or workplace task.

Types of Forklift Jibs

  • Economy Jibs
  • Fixed and Adjustable Swing Jibs
  • Heavy Duty Economy and Extension Jibs

Benefits of a Forklift Jib

  • Increase Productivity
    A forklift jib attachment offers worksites the ability to increase productivity, as it gives the forklift truck the ability to efficiently and safely manoeuvre heavy and awkward loads.
  • Improve Safety
    Safe operation of a forklift jib by a trained operator can improve worksite safety through the safe movement of loads.
  • Reduce Labour Costs
    Worksite efficiency improves labour costs, and forklift jib attachments can speed up the movement of materials and also reduce the need for additional machinery and labour.

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