Forklift Tipper Bin NS

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Product Description

Made in our Australian Factory

The Forklift Tipper Bin NS allows you to dump your bulky general paper waste.

This unit is considered light duty and not appropriate for steel scrap. It has a slip on attachment with a balanced hopper that rolls forward when loaded and unlatched. The bin then returns to an upright position and you pull the lever to unlock and release.


  • Tyne Pocket: 190mm x 70mm
  • Tyne Pocket Centres: 800mm
  • Finish: hot dip galvanised
  • NB: Compliance plate & serial number attached
  • WLL: 1000kg

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Product Cubic Capacity Length Width Height Weight Bin Dimensions
BMP015-NS09 1.1 cubic 1800mm 990mm 1100mm 300kg 1600mm x 900mm x 1100mmH
Download Specification Sheet
BMP015-NS12 1.4 cubic 1800mm 1290mm 1100mm 330kg 1600mm x 1200mm x 1100mmH
Download Specification Sheet
BMP015-NS15 1.6 cubic 1800mm 1590mm 1100mm 352kg 1600mm x 1500mm x 1100mmH
Download Specification Sheet
BMP015-NS18 2.1 cubic 1800mm 1890mm 1100mm 385kg 1600mm x 1800mm x 1100mmH
Download Specification Sheet

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