Forklift Tipper Bin OS-04

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forklift tipper bin OS-04

Product Description

Bremco’s Forklift Tipper Bin OS-04 size is perfect for heavy, dense items such as steel scrap and gravel are easily released with this slip-on tippler bin attachment.

The lever is positioned at the back of the bin, so the operator can easily unload into larger skips. This unit is considered extra strong.

If you need a larger bin tipper, we also have the 0.8 cubic metre Forklift Tipper Bin OS-08.


  • Tyne Pocket: 190mm x 67mm
  • Tyne Pocket Centres: 710mm
  • Finish: hot dip galvanised
  • NB: Compliance plate & serial number attached
  • WLL: 1000kg


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Product Cubic Capacity Length Width Height Weight Bin Dimensions
BMP015-OS-04 0.4 Cubic 1660mm 1080mm 520mm 180kg 1080mm x 900mm x 520mmH
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