Forklift Towball Attachment

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Forklift Towball Attachment

Product Description

Bremco’s Forklift Towball Attachment allows for the use of any below the hook attachment and provides a way of using your forklift for light duty lifting or pulling which may otherwise be difficult and awkward to achieve.

It has a safe working load of 250kg, and this unit can also adapt to a forklift towing attachment by using a standard 50mm Towball attached through the top lifting beam.

The load capacity is reduced to 250kgs when this attachment is used.

We can also custom manufacture forklift attachments to suit your specific requirements. Contact the friendly Bremco team today to find out more or place an order.

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  • Size: 1120mmD x 790mmW x 221mmH
  • Wll: 250kg
  • Weight: 67kg
  • HCoG: 182mm
  • Finish: powder coated safety yellow
  • Tyne Pockets: 180mm x 65mm
  • Supplied with compliance plate and serial number

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