General Crane Attachments

Our range of general crane attachments includes crane lift pallet hook, spreader beams and lifting beams.

Pallet hooks are designed for overhead lifting of palletised goods by crane, and also extensively used by crane trucks or gantry cranes for carrying products such as bricks, cement and roof tiles. These units have a load balancing slip ring to suit the centre of gravity on the lifted load.

Spreader beams and lifting beams both allow a single crane to lift loads from multiple locations, to spread out the load and provide balance to the lift. However, they have very different properties and uses.

Spreader beams consist of a long bar that functions to hold a sling apart to the lifting distance. From a loading standpoint, they convert the lifting loads into compressive forces in the bar, and tensile forces in the slings. Spreader beams provide the ideal solution for most lifting requirements and can be manufactured from 500kg to 50,000kg capacity (0.5T – 50T).

In contrast, lifting beams consist of a long beam that converts the lifting load into a bending moment through the beam. The main benefit of lifting beams is the substantially reduced headroom required to perform the lift. These qualities make lifting beams well-suited to lighter, shorter span lifts that have a small headroom requirement, such as in smaller manufacturing shops or storage facilities.

All Bremco general crane attachments are individually proof load tested in accordance with Australian Standard AS4991.

We can also custom manufacture pallet hooks, spreader beams and lifting beams to your requirements. Contact our friendly team today to find out more or place an order.

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