Goods Cage Mesh Panel (Crane Lift)

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Goods Cage Mesh Panel Crane Lift

Product Description

Bremco’s Goods Cage Mesh Panel Crane-Lift has been designed and engineered for use with most overhead crane systems, and can be transported using forklifts.

Our Mesh Panel Goods Cage has a full swing gate that allows you to place a standard timber pallet inside the cage. The gate has secure two point locking system that prevents goods from coming loose when lifted.

Bremco produces these cages with mesh panels on all side faces, a sheet metal floor panel, and has four lifting points fully welded into the frame that are designed in accordance with AS4991.

4-Leg Chains are an optional extra.

Note: the Goods Cage Mesh Panel Crane Lift is not to be used for lifting staff or personnel under any circumstances.


  • Overall Size = 1370mm Square x 1210mmH
  • Internal Size = 1240mm Square x 1040mmH
  • SWL = 1000Kgs
  • Weight of Unit 147Kgs
  • Painted enamel finish
  • Complies with AS4991
  • Supplied with compliance plate & serial number

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