Stillage – Passenger Car Tyres

Stillage - Passenger Car Tyres

Product Description

The Bremco Stillage – Passenger Car Tyres is perfect for the warehouse storage or transportation of standard car tyres.

Bremco’s stillage design is approved for moving a stillage full of product stacked two high on a forklift.

It can also be used for tyre transportation. This stillage collapses and three collapsed stillages occupy the space of one loaded stillage.

The Stillage – Passenger Car Tyres will hold up to eighteen (18) passenger car tyres and can be stacked up to 8 units high.

Bremco can also manufacture these stillages as a fixed post unit (non-collapsing).


  • Base Dimensions – 2265mm x 1000mm
  • Usable Space- 2142mm x 1000mm
  • Outside Feet – 2355mm x 1090mm
  • Overall Height – 795mm
  • Inside Height – 635mm
  • Folded Height – 325mm
  • Under Base – 110mm
  • Load Capacity (Static) – 300kg per unit stacked 8 high
  • Cubic Capacity – 1.3M3
  • Approx. Mass – 55kg

Finish: Duragal Steel Finish

Bremco stillages are made in our Australian factory and we can also custom manufacture Stillage – Passenger Car Tyre products to suit your specific requirements.

Contact the friendly Bremco team today to find out more or place an order. You can also get a quick quote online.

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