Stillage – Wooden Pallet Storage

Stillage - Wooden Pallet Storage

Product Description

The Stillage – Wooden Pallet Storage is a very rugged construction stillage, specifically designed for the storage of loaded wooden pallets.

It can be stacked on top of each other to avoid product damage. This stillage allows the operator to load palletised products in and out of the stillage without dismantling the stillage stack.

The Stillage – Wooden Pallet Storage can be stacked and shifted as necessary and offers fork entry on all sides.

We can also custom manufacture Stillage – Wooden Pallet Storage products to suit your specific requirements.

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  • Base Dimensions 1232 x 927
  • Usable Space 1232 x 927
  • Outside Feet 1405 x 1020
  • Overall Height 1254
  • Inside Height 1060
  • Under Base 100
  • Load Capacity (Static) 1500kg per unit stacked 3 high
  • Cubic Capacity 1.21m3

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