Terms and Conditions


1. Welcome aboard as a Bremco Metal Products Pty Ltd customer. Any order placed by you as a buyer is regarded as an order incorporating these Terms & Conditions.


2i. Every quotation is an estimate only and Bremco Metal Products Pty Ltd remain free to withdraw, alter or correct the details at any time prior to our acceptance of your order.

2ii. Prices are subject to your order being for the whole quantity mentioned in the quotation unless otherwise negotiated.

2iii. Trade Order discounts are subject to minimum  dollar value and can vary on a month by month basis.

2iv. Unless specifically provided in writing to the contrary,  Bremco Metal Products Pty Ltd  reserve the rights to supply quantities in accordance with our fabrication and shipping tolerances and your payment is for the quantity actually delivered.

2v. Bremco Metal Products Pty Ltd  prices are F.O.B. The right is reserved to apply prices ruling at the time of delivery. As a manufacturer sometimes drawing on supplies from overseas or over time, special transport charges or variations in tariffs, rates of exchange, special taxes, transport charges, insurance premiums, harbour dues or similar costs and increases in wages, cost of material or otherwise which affect the goods we provide you, are to be your account. This holds good for quotations submitted and contracts made after outbreak of war.

2vi. All prices are plus GST, if applicable.

Terms of Paymemt

3i. Nett cash prior to despatch of goods. Items ordered will be despatched upon receipt of payment.

3ii. Bremco will not hold your purchased goods for you beyond 5 days after you’ve been notified the goods are available for delivery.

3iii. For approved accounts, our terms are nett 21 days.

3iv. Payment shall be made against each portion or part of the order as delivered.


4. Bremco Metal Products Pty Ltd  does not assume liability for loss or damages occasioned by delays in delivery. Without being liable to pay indemnity, Bremco Metal Products Pty Ltd  reserves the right to cancel the contract to purchase entirely or in part or to extend the delivery time in the case of force major, lockouts, strikes or other interruptions in operation, breakdown in machinery, stoppages, time in our own sub-contractor’s work, transport difficulties, terrorist activities, war, or blockade, involving Australia or any other country from which the material required for the goods on order is expected to be procured and every circumstances of political, economical or other nature beyond our control.


5. The staff and management of Bremco Metal Products Pty Ltd  are always keen to provide helpful advice if we are at all able to. However, we cannot assume liability (whether for negligence or otherwise) for any technical advice or assistance provided, or for the results obtained from our advice. It’s important to us that you feel free to ask us for advice, but you must accept all such advice being given and accepted at your risk.

Returns and Claims

6i. Upon receipt of goods you should inspect and verify that the goods are in accordance with the paperwork. If there’s been a mistake, please notify us. Any claim must be received within 7 days of date of invoice, and the goods returned within 14 days of invoice in original receivable condition by you as the buyer.

6ii. Goods covered by this document must be returned with a Bremco Metal Products Pty Ltd Return for Credit Authorization Number.  Goods are to be returned as per advice on written approval.

6iii. Goods returned through no fault of Bremco Metal Products Pty Ltd  may incur a charge of 10% including GST of invoice value plus delivery charges. This is for restocking costs, unless a prior agreement exists.


7. Goods marketed by Bremco Metal Products Pty Ltd hold manufacturer’s guarantee or unless stated. Please confirm with us.  Bremco Metal Products Pty Ltd is in no way responsible for any damage which may be occasioned through use or misuse and its only liability is limited to the price paid for the goods.

Security of Property, or ‘lien’

8i. In addition to any lien to which Bremco Metal Products Pty Ltd may be statute or otherwise be entitled, we will in the event of Buyers insolvency, winding up or bankruptcy, be entitled to a general lien in respect of all property or goods belonging to you in our possession or under our control (although such goods or part thereof may have been paid) for the unpaid price of any other goods sold and delivered to you under this or any other contract.

8ii. Title to the goods to be delivered cannot pass to you  until payment in full has been received by Bremco Metal Products Pty Ltd. Until such time, the goods always remain the property of Bremco Metal Products Pty Ltd.

Legal Interpretation

9. This agreement and these Terms and Conditions and all disputes or difficulties arising therefore shall be governed by the law in the State of Queensland Australia.

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