Forklift Drum Lifter – Heavy Duty

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Forklift Drum Lifter - Heavy Duty

Product Description

Bremco’s Forklift Drum Lifter – Heavy Duty is ideal for high volume lifting situations, up to 70 drum movements per week with the automatic parrot beak clamp.

Designed to handle all drums, including the ISO drum, this unit can even be set up for fibre and plastic drums, and simply slides on to the forks, securing safely with a chain.


  • WLL: 680kg
  • HCoG: 630mm
  • Tyne Pockets: 180mm x 65mm
  • Tyne Pocket Centres: 666mm
  • Finish: painted enamel
  • NB: Compliance plate + serial number attached

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Product Length Length Height Weight
BMP073 1140mm 840mm 990mm 100kg

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